Flexibility: Partnering For Success

Working with ICS is not an “all-or-nothing proposition”.  At ICS, we believe in putting together the best teams to help our customers be successful.  After all, it’s about you, not about us!

Sometimes that means an entire team made up of ICS’s outstanding team of consultants, working alongside customer team members.

Sometimes we provide a Project Manager.  Other times the customer may have project management expertise in house.

In some cases we have partnered with other consulting firms to bring the best combination of talent available, particularly for unique, hard-to-find skill sets.

And sometimes it means ICS sub-contracts to larger companies who may already have a relationship, or who may have worldwide capabilities and numbers we can’t match.

Whatever your situation is, talk to us!  We are easy to work with, and willing to partner in the best way possible to ensure success.