Our Focus: the Oracle E-Business Suite

At ICS, our only focus is the Oracle E-Business Suite.  Our partners have specialized in the EBS for over 20 years, going back to release 9.  We have seen many changes over the years.  Here is a quick look at a few of the more major ones:

Release of Oracle HR/Payroll – In the early 90’s Oracle released its Human Resources/Payroll product.  Initially designed in the UK, HR/Payroll had a different database structure and a different look and feel than the Financials and Manufacturing modules.

Release of Oracle Projects – Also, in the early 90’s Oracle released Project Accounting, now known simply as Oracle Projects.

The GUI Interface – Release 9 and earlier were still character-based.  Release 10 was the first version with a GUI interface, where users actually got to use a mouse to navigate the system!  This was a big step!

Multi-Org – Oracle released Multi-Org capability with Release 10.7.  Prior to that time, Oracle required a separate instance for each unique organization.  Multi-org was a leap forward!

Internet Platform – With Release 11i, Oracle moved to an internet-based platform.  With this change, any user with proper access and an internet connection could access their system.  This version also ushered in the use of internet-based forms.

R12 – R12 has focused on centralization and going global. With R12 we now have the ability to consolidate responsibilities, define a true legal structure, and have an Oracle based tax engine. Also, the introduction of SLA (sub-ledger accounting) has giving a lot more flexibility to accounting without the need for customizations.